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A website devoted to St. Clair Cemetery, Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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2006 Dedication Ceremony

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Thanks for your interest in St. Clair Cemetery and its history. The cemetery is maintained by a non-profit organization that is separate from Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church. In the past, this corporation paid for only lawn mowing and general upkeep, but as funds have grown, they have been able to include other improvements such as uprighting fallen stones. Corporation members hope that as funds grow, they will be able to pay for additional permanent improvements

Over the years, the cemetery has fallen into disrepair. Many stones were vandalized; others toppled due to settling ground. Trees and saplings sprung up and the underbrush near the fence line grew unchecked.

Today, we are working on restoring the cemetery to its former glory (the pictures on this page show work being done to fallen or broken gravestones). But, even though we are working with local groups (including Boy Scouts of America and Rotary International) the cost to replace toppled tombstones and clear the brush is more than the corporation can handle.

If you are interested in helping, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the cemetery corporation. Or maybe you have an ancestor buried here whose headstone has fallen or is damaged and would like to purchase a new stone. To do so, send checks, made payable to "St. Clair Cemetery Association" to:
St. Clair Cemetery Association
c/o Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church
255 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, Pa 15216-1699

If you would like to donate to The Historical Society of Mount Lebanon, to see that future projects-such as this one on the history of St. Clair Cemetery-can continue, go to: Historical Society of Mount Lebanon

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