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The Fleets

Compiled by Ann Simmons Eldredge

Born in Virginia, Washington Fleet (1803-1869) was a miner. About 1848, he married Elizabeth "Eliza" (1829-1910) and the couple lived on a farm located near the present day Greentree Road. Census records indicate the couple had at least six children: George Washington (c. 1850), William (c. 1852), John M. (c. 1855), Louisa (c. 1857), Mary J. (c. 1860) and Edward E. (see below).

Washington's death in 1869 left Eliza with children ranging in age from 8 to 19 years; she and her sons farmed their land to earn income. In December 1877, Elizabeth's next-door neighbor John Haudenshield, who had several young children, became a widower. Sometime between 1878 and 1881, John and Eliza married. The union was short-lived as John died in 1882. John was the grandfather of Pennsylvania State Rep. John R Haudenshield.

Eliza was buried beside her first husband, Washington, and near at least one of their children-Edward E. (1861-1919). Descendants believe Henry H. S. Fleet (1864-1869) was also their child. Edward E., a farmer, married Mary B. (1859-1944). Edward and Mary's children include: Ellsworth (c. 1888), Josephine (c. 1895), Samuel S. (see below), Elizabeth (c. 1889) and Irena (c. 1901).

Around 1917, Samuel S. Fleet (c. 1887) married Mabel Kitterman (1859-1942), a native of Kansas. he couple had twelve children, Samuel Raymond Fleet, Charles Fleet, Harry G Fleet, Robert Fleet, Ruth Irene Fleet, Johnny Fleet, Herbert Calvin Fleet, Anna Caroline (Sandy) Fleet, Mary Alice Fleet, William Fleet, Merle Lewis Fleet and Sally.

Samuel died September 4, 1957, and is buried at Mount Lebanon Cemetery.
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