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Joseph Haigh

Compiled with the help of Ann Simmons Eldredge

Joseph Haigh was born in 1778 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire County, England. His father was John Haigh and his mother's name is unknown. On December 5, 1799, Joseph married Hannah Hoyle, probably in England. He came to the United States at the urging of his brother Simeon in 1829 or 1830. He is mentioned in the book, "The Hollingworth Letters: Technical Change in the Textile Industry, 1826-1837" by Thomas W. Leavit. He appears to have been a cousin of the Hollingworths. According to a funeral notice in one descendant's possession, Joseph Sr. died October 4, 1849. At the time of his death, he was operating a woolen mill in either Upper or Lower St. Clair Township.

Joseph and Hannah had six children: Mary, Uriah, Elizabeth, Martha, John and Joseph Jr. In 1882, Uriah and "The Haigh brothers" are listed as Little Saw Mill Run Railroad stockholders. The Haigh stone is badly worn, but two sides are engraved. The one side "Joseph Haigh Jr., died November 13, 1887, in the 72 year of his age" can be made out. On the other side, the word "England" is visible. Family records say Joseph Sr. may be buried here. If so, that side of the stone is probably his epitaph.

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