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The James Glenn Family

Compiled by Ann Simmons Eldredge

Zuleika Florence Ralston Glenn,
seated far right, and her family circa 1905

James Glenn (1750-1813) was born in Lancaster County. In 1775, he married Janet Buchanan (1752-1807), daughter of Walter and Jean (McLaughlin) Buchanan of Little Britain, Lancaster County. James and Janet were married by the Rev. John Cuthbertson-the first minister sent to America by the Scottish Presbytery.

James was in the Continental Army, 2nd Battalion and was present at Valley Forge. In 1799, James relocated his wife and their 11 children to St. Clair Township. He settled on 235 acres in Glendale (now Carnegie) on the banks of Chartiers Creek. Major William Major William Lea was a neighbor.

Ella Chalfant's book "A Goodly Heritage, Earliest Wills on an American Frontier," says "an early settler of Glendale and for whom it was named. James Glenn.made a curious will in the pattern of a trust." It seems his will provided money and free lodging for his three unmarried daughters over a period of time.

James, an elder at MLUPC in 1804, is believed to be buried here. His wife, Janet, who died in 1807, was one of the earliest burials; her tombstone, however, is missing.

Children of James and Janet include Sarah/"Sally" (1788-1829), who married James Henry; Walter (1777-1843), who married Jane Dorrington; and William, who on Jan. 23, 1806, married Margaret Herdman (daughter of William Herdman). William Glenn was an elder for the church in 1812 and a soldier in the War of 1812. In the book "The Genealogy and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania, Vol. 1," it reports William "was strict in all religious matters." William settled in Scott Township (now the Carnegie area) when he was 24 years old and operated a large farm.

William and Margaret's tombstones are missing, but they are buried here. Their nine children included James B., a farmer who married Rebecca McCully (both are buried at Chartiers); and William H. Glenn, who married Jane Agnes Hearst and later Nancy Buchanan, and John B. and Joseph K., both of whom died in childhood. William H. had several children including Jennie B. Glenn; Margaret Glenn, who is said to be buried here and was married to F. Howard Hawkins; William Alvin (died age 4); Albert Clark (died age 1); and Wilbert Joseph Glenn (1853-1891). Wilbert was a machinist and worked as an engineer at a gristmill. He married Zuleika Florence Ralston and they had six children, including Howard, who died at age 2 (1879-1881). Wilbert died in 1891 at age 41 of consumption; Zuleika died in the flu epidemic of 1918. Zuleika and her granddaughter Margaret Jane Frazier (1898-1900) share the same plot.

In all there are six known generations of the James Glenn family buried at St. Clair, although some old family letters indicate it to be closer to eight generations.

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