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The Harvey McDonough Family

Harvey McDonough (1802-1885) was the son of Patrick McDonough, a native of Ireland who came to the United States with two brothers-one of whom settled in Maryland and the other in Louisiana. Patrick took out his naturalization papers in 1807 and settled in Snowden Township (now Bethel Park) on Brownsville Road. Patrick and his wife, Mary McClelland (1781-1868) were members of the Seceders Church. In addition to Harvey (see below), the couple had several children including Hiram H., William, Isaac (1807-1880) and Mary (1820-1886).

Harvey was a farmer, a justice of the peace and served on the building committee for the third MLUP Church in the early 1870s. He married Ann Boyer (1812-1890) and they had at least five children, including Mary, who married Joseph Hughey (Mary and Joseph are buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery) and James B (see below). Harvey owned a farm along what is now McNeilly Road near the Baldwin/ Castle Shannon/Mt. Lebanon border.

James B. (1834-1894) was reared on his father's farm and held several jobs including deputy sheriff, an office position at the East Liberty stockyards, three years with the Berkshire Life Insurance Company and clerk for the county treasurer. James married Elizabeth Shaw (1838-1914); they were members of MLUPC and Republicans. Three of James and Elizabeth's children-Martha G., Robert S. and Anna B.-died before the age of 3.

Peacefully she died being old and full of days,
She now rests from her Labors

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