St. Clair Cemetery
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A website devoted to St. Clair Cemetery, Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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Historical Society of Mount Lebanon

2005 Dedication Ceremony

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2006 Dedication Ceremony

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Thank you for your interest in St. Clair Cemetery and its history. We hope you have found this site helpful.

As many of the tombstones in St. Clair Cemetery have been vandalized, there are people who are buried in the cemetery who are not included on these pages-not because we didn't want to include them, but because we didn't know they existed. If you have information on anyone who may be buried here, but who is not mentioned, please contact us at the e-mail address below.

If you have found an ancestor on this site and think that the information about them is incorrect, please let us know. We want this site to be as accurate as possible. A LOT of time has been devoted to researching the cemetery, we'd hate to have anything wrong! We are also looking for photos of people who are buried here. Nothing makes these people "come back to life" as quickly as seeing their faces.

E-mail address: (Please cut and paste that into your email contact box)

If you are interested in helping, by making a tax-deductible donation to the cemetery corporation or paying to fix a fallen or damaged headstone, please go to the donate page.

The "Webmaster" at the June 2004 tour of St. Clair Cemetery. Thanks
to Sam Couch of York, Pa. for taking the photo.
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