Click on any name listed below to see a profile of the person and his or her family.

The names in bold print throughout the profiles are those people who have been positively identified as being buried here. Some graves are unmarked, but church documents or the records of descendants have verified St. Clair Cemetery as their final resting place. Whenever possible, information from descendants of those buried in St. Clair Cemetery was used to write the profiles on this Web site (their names have been noted on each applicable entry). In all other cases, information was gathered from sources including Mt. Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church archives, history books, local libraries, the Historic Pittsburgh Web site, obituaries and other historic documents.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the church has had three names over its 200 year history, for clarity and brevity it will be referred to as MLEP Church or MLEPC throughout this Web site.

If you notice any mistakes, please e-mail us with corrections. We are also looking for pictures to go with profiles. If you have one, please let us know or e-mail them to e-mail.

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