John Wise

Compiled with the help of Janice Donley

Although not buried in St. Clair Cemetery, John Wise Jr.,
above, was the son of John and Mary Wise, both of whom are buried here.

John Wise was born Sept. 26, 1815 in Wurttemberg, Germany. When he was about
35 years old, John left his wife, Mary Margaret Schmid (1820-1891), and their children to start a life in America. Upon landing, John walked all the way from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh where he found work as a blacksmith (the 1850 census lists John Wise as a miner). Once established in 1853, John sent for his family-including son John Jr. In 1858, John gave up blacksmithing, bought a farm in what is now the Carnegie area and passed the remainder of his life as a gardener and fruit grower. He died in 1889 at age 73. John and Mary’s daughter Wilhelmina (1847-1865)died at age 17. John Jr. married Amelia Abbott, whose parents–Christian and Magdelena–owned the Abbott farm near what is now Beverly Road.

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