Moses Middleswarth Henry

Compiled by Ann Simmons Eldredge

Moses Middleswarth Henry (1831-1859) was the son of William Henry (1789-1849) and Zebiah Middleswarth (1797-1872), and the grandson of both John Henry and Moses Middleswarth(1757-1842). Grandfather Moses was an early settle of the area who received his land patent for 141 acres in 1789. Called “Corn Land,” the property was located across Chartiers Creek from the Glenn and Lea families.

William Henry, Moses’ father, was born on his father’s farm in Lower St. Clair Township. William and Zebiah attended the Bethany Presbyterian Church, of which Moses Middleswarth was a member as early as 1820, and lived near Woodville. Although Moses Henry was one of seven children, only three survived to adulthood. It is believed the rest of his siblings are buried with him, with the exception of Margaret, who married George Forsythe, and Elizabeth, who married Joseph Huff. There are several tombstones surrounding the Moses Henry obelisk whose inscriptions have become difficult to read, if not illegible, over time. Moses’ wife, Margaret Ann Hemingrey (born about 1837), is buried beside him. After Moses’ death, she lived with her father, William Hemingrey-who was born in England about 1811- and her siblings in Upper St Clair Township. It is thought she died before 1870. The children of Moses and Margaret-Mary Lizzie and William James-are also buried in the plot.

William H Hemingrey (Feb 25, 1853-died Sep 14, 1877) was Margaret’s brother. It is unknown whether her ever married, but his tombstone reads “brother.”

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