The Brahms

Compiled by Ann Simmons Eldredge

Sarah Smith Henry (1814-1888), the daughter of James and Sara (Glenn) Henry (and granddaughter of John and Margaret (McMillan) Henry, was born at her parents’ farm, located not far from MLEPC. Sarah married Captain James Young (1810-1869). Census records show Captain Young changed his profession sometime between 1850 and 1860 from carpenter to attorney. James died in East Birmingham (now the South Side) the result of a serious fall and typhoid fever. His wife, Sarah, is most likely buried at St Clair Cemetery with her husband, her parents and grandparents and other Henry and Glenn relatives.

James and Sarah Young had three children: Edward Johnston Young, Maria (born about 1844) and Ann (born about 1845). Both girls were single and living at home at the time of the 1860 census. Edward (1835-1905), born in the Banksville area, was a lifelong member of MLEPC, associated with the Pittsburgh Gazette, the Pittsburgh Gas Company and was secretary of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. About 1864, Edward married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mathews (born December 1842), daughter of German emigrant George Mathews and Pennsylvania native Ann Cairns. Elizabeth’s sister Annie and her husband, Joseph Roush, were the parents of Joseph Cairns Roush, the owner of the “Sunnyhill” (now the Universalist Unitarian Church on Washington Road).

Edward and Elizabeth had two children-James Henry Young and Harriet Mathews Young (1868-1927)-both born in Chartiers.

Edward died of pneumonia in 1905 at his daughter Harriet’s home. He is buried between his aunts, Margaret (Henry) Simmons and Jane Glenn (Henry) Neely. Descendants suspect the plot in which Edward rests also contains the remains of his parents, James Young and Sarah Smith Henry.

In 1894, Harriet married George F Young by whom she had four children – Elsa M(1897-1971), Edward (1899- abt 1917), Mildred M. (1900-1971) and Margaret E (b. 1902). George died of cancer in 1912 in Allegheny Co. While he is not listed as a plot owner, his father-in-law, EJ Young had purchased lots at two different times. One set of eight is located near the area of EJ’s aunts and cousins while the other set of four is located nearer the driveway of the church. It is possible that George is buried in this second set in the general area where the Brahm plots are.

After the death of George, Harriet married the widower, Ralph Emerson Bulford, son of Daniel Bulford (1839-1909) and Margaret Snodgrass (1836-1897). Ralph’s first wife, Martha Verlinda Bennett, while not buried at St Clair, is related to a number of the Glenn and Henry descendants.

Edward drowned about 1917 at a picnic, at which he was accompanied by his sister Margaret. Elsa remained in the area as a schoolteacher and never married.

Mildred M married Roy Marion Brahm (1898-1974), an employee at her parents’ grocery store at the corner of Osceola and Cypress streets in Pittsburgh. The couple lived in Banksville early on and later moved to the Castle Shannon area and had 4 children – Roy, Jr (1921-1946), Harriet (1922-1924), Mildred Y (b. 1926) and Katherine H. Brahm (1930-2001.).

Roy Jr married Virginia Relter in 1944 in St Louis. Mildred Y married Dale Frederick Swartz (1925-2007) in 1948. Katherine married C F Schwenke.

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