The Caleb F. and Margaret E. Milholland Family

The general store and post office once
located at the corner of Washington and Bower Hill roads.
This picture was taken in 1901.

One of Mt. Lebanon’s early postmasters was Caleb Foster Milholland  (1845-1924). Caleb owned the general store on the corner of Washington and Bower Hill roads where a post office was established in 1855. He was appointed postmaster for Mt. Lebanon on Nov. 14, 1881, and served until August 1896. In 1898 the Algeo family purchased the store.

Caleb was born in South Pittsburgh, the son of James, a carpenter, and Harriet (Foster) Milholland. Harriett was with child when James died in March 1846. She later petitioned the court for her father, Caleb Foster, to become the guardian for both her sons-Caleb and James H. Harriet, the daughter of Mary “Polly” (Snodgrass) Foster, eventually married R. Knowlson.

Before turning to merchandising, Caleb worked as a farmer and, for four years, a brickmaker (brickmaking was the occupation of Caleb’s stepfather, Richard Knowlson). In 1868, Caleb married Margaret E. Calahan (1849-1938) of Bridgeville (daughter of Dr. John Calahan). Caleb was a ruling elder at MLEP Church and a Republican. Caleb and Margaret had nine children including Robert A., Frank S., Anna L. and Harriet, a teacher at the schoolhouse located on Scott Road. Although it has not been confirmed, we believe Caleb’s was the cousin of several of the Milhollands buried near him-George B.William W. and John B. Caleb’s father, James, was the brother of George, John and William’s father, William.

After stepping down as postmaster, Caleb must have moved from the area as church records say he was certified to the Mt. Washington Congregation in 1896.

We have yet to establish any relationship between Caleb and the other Milhollands buried in the cemetery.

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