The George Kennedy Family

George Kennedy’s house on Dan Drive today.

Around 1836, George Kennedy came to Western Pennsylvania with his wife, Elizabeth, their three sons, daughter Mary (died 1883), and two unmarried aunts. They traveled to their new home on the National Pike from Philadelphia in a Conestoga wagon. In 1836, George built a log cabin on 114 acres in what is now the North Meadowcroft Road area purchased from Andrew McFarlane. Forty years later, in 1876, George moved out of the log cabin, building a more spacious house-that still stands at 101 Dan Drive-not far from his log cabin.

George’s son William was a farmer who lived in a house at 709 Ridgefield (it has since been razed)-his 38 acres were part of his father’s original farm. In 1856, William married Mary (last name unknown) and they had four children.

George Jr. (1832-1916) lived in the Dan Drive house with his wife, Elizabeth, their four children and his sister Mary. George ran a successful orchard on the 38 acres of property he inherited from his father. George Jr. adopted his brother William’s his three youngest children when William died in 1871.

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