The Hughey Family

Compiled with the help of Mark and Jim Hughey

Mary and Harvey Julian Hughey

The Hughey family were early settlers of Allegheny County. Ephraim Hughey came to the area from Lancaster County with his wife, Dorcas Nieled, and their two children as early as 1785 (the couple eventually had seven children-including Dorcas who married David Kennedy on whose land the first MLEPC service was held). Ephraim, who served in the Revolutionary War, purchased 700 acres in what is now Brookline for $2 an acre from the previous owner, Joseph McDermott. The land was located between what is now West Liberty Avenue and Brookline Boulevard-a Hughey house still stands on the hill across from Beinhauer’s Funeral Home and McDonald’s. At one point there was a Hughey Avenue in Brookline (now Woodward Road) named for the family. When Ephraim died, his two youngest children, Wilson and Washington, were minors. Ephraim’s will stipulated the boys must “learn to read and write well and be made perfect in the five common rules of arithmetic.” They were both given $150 when the reached the age of 21.

Ephraim’s granddaughter Mary Hughey (through his son William) would marry Melchoir Beltzhoover. Their son George W. Beltzhoover, his wife, Elizabeth and one of their children, May Emelia are buried at St. Clair Cemetery.

Ephraim’s son Joseph, born in 1790, was a mechanic and lived on the family farm with wife Jane Kennedy and their nine children (Joseph and Jane are buried at Bethel Church Cemetery). In 1852, Joseph and Jane’s son Joseph married Mary Jane McDonough, daughter of Harvey and Ann McDonough. Joseph and Mary Jane had three children.

On June 5, 1901, Joseph and Mary’s son Harvey Julian “Jule” Hughey (1854-1935) married Elizabeth Hable (1868-1910). The couple lived with Elizabeth’s half sister, Mary Suzanne Ammann. Mary’s mother had died when she was 11, and Elizabeth had raised her. The tables turned when Elizabeth fell ill to dropsy; Mary cared for her until Elizabeth died at age 42. Harvey and Elizabeth had no children.

Mary Suzanne circa 1895.

On Dec. 31, 1913, Harvey married his late wife’s sister Mary (1883-1965) who was 29 years his junior. Harvey was 68 years old when Mary had their youngest child, Margie, who married Russell Klick. The sisters and their husband are buried side by side.

Harvey Julian and his youngest child, Margie.
Russell Klick married Margie Hughey

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