The Jacksons

Compiled with the help of Karen Jackson

John, above, and Mary Jane Eltringham, below, Jackson

John Jackson was born in 1843 in Holywell, Northumberland, England, and came to Allegheny County in 1868 with his parents, Richard and Jane, and seven of his ten siblings. While living in England, Richard had been a colliery owner. After arriving in the states, both Richard and his son worked as coal miners. John married Mary Jane Eltringham (1853-1897), a native of Northumberland, England and the daughter of Henry and Katherine (Watson) Eltringham. Mary Jane was an infant when her parents and her older brother Robert moved to the U.S. and settled in Scott Township. It was her father, Henry Eltringham, who sponsored John Jackson for citizenship when he moved to Allegheny County.

John and Mary Jane had 10 children-many of whom stayed in the area-including George Jackson (1869-1937), who was born in South Fayette Township. George, like his father and grandfather, worked in the coal mines. In 1894, George married Mary Ann Quigley (1876-1939), a native of England and daughter of Thomas and Mary (Shaughnessey) Quigley.

George, above, and Mary Ann Quigley, below, Jackson

George and Mary Ann lived for a time in Scott Township and the first five of their 11 children, were born in Beadling. Joseph George Jackson, born Oct. 30, 1906, was their seventh child. Joseph served in the Navy during WWII and was honorably discharged in November 1945. In January 1954, at the age of 47, Joseph was killed in a car accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike; his wife, Emma, survived with serious injuries.

Joe Jackson

While John, Mary Jane, George, Mary Ann and Joseph are all buried in St. Clair Cemetery, only the grave of Joseph (left) is marked.

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