The McElroys

Compiled with the help of Judith Myers and the McElroy Family Newsletter Vol. 1-6 No. #30, 1976-Feb. 1981

James M. McElroy was born in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania in 1811. On October 8, 1833, James married Mary Story, daughter of John Story of Zelienople. Mary and James had two children: William Story McElroy (who lived only 20 days) and William Story McElroy (November 4, 1835-March 30, 1901) who married Mary Ann McCague on November 18, 1868.

Mary died January 25, 1838, at the age of 33. James, who was in the dry goods business, then married Mary Dunlap (born Valentine’s Day, 1807), daughter of Robert and Agnes Dunlap of Larne, Ireland. The Dunlap family had arrived in America in 1818 and settled in Pittsburgh. Robert Dunlap and the Rev. Joseph McElroy were founders of the Associate Reformed Church (which became the Second United Presbyterian Church). Mary was active in the church, raising thousands of dollars for a sanitarium at Ramleh, near Alexandria, Egypt. James McElroy was a ruling elder at the church.

James and Mary Dunlap had five children: Agnes (married Orlando Metcalf); Mary Story (who died at age 2); Margaret McElroy (who died shortly after her 22nd birthday in 1867); Eliza McElroy (married Charles Sylvester Fetterman) and Mary Cole (who died at age 1).

James and Mary became members of MLEPC. James died October 27, 1900, at the home of his daughter Agnes in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

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