The Neely and Ritchie Families

Compiled by Ann Simmons Eldredge

Jonathan Neely (1812-1898) was born in Chartiers to Watson and Martha Neely. He married Jane Glenn Henry (1814-1887), a daughter of James Henry and Sarah Glenn. They resided in Mt. Washington where Jonathan was an Allegheny County commissioner, a constable and tax collector. Jonathan and Jane were members of MLEP Church.

Jonathan and Jane had one daughter, Anna Eliza Neely (1842-1912), who was born in St. Clair Township. Anna married James Ritchie (1840-1922), a native of Ireland who emigrated to America with his family when he was six years old. James was apprenticed to J. McMillan, a job printer in Pittsburgh, until failing eyesight forced him to abandon the business. Both the Neelys and the Richies owned land in what is now the Banksville area.

During the Civil War, James fought with Co. K, 49th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Infantry. James and his family resided in Mt. Washington where he owned the James Ritchie and Son lumber business. Three of their daughters died young and are believed to buried here with them; the other four children remained in the area and were members of the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Washington.

Jane Glenn Henry Neely

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