Beadling Tomb

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Ann Beadling Born Dec. 22, 1824, died Aug. 25, 1889

Jane Beadling 1846-1908

Daughter Mary A. Beadling 1876-1884

Robert Beadling – husband – 1852-1930
Margaret, His Wife (Robert), 1856-1935

Sister Mary 1859-1882 (Mary Snedden)
Our Mother 1819-1902 (Mary Snedden nee Bonnar)

FROM STEWART BONAR Although Snedden and Beadling are on the same stone, STEWART BONAR says: “Our Mother” is a Snedden not a Beadling.

Jane and William Bonnar, had a daughter called Mary. She married Adam Snedden in Scotland. After Adam died, she emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1868, following her sister Jane and the Strachans. 

She is also buried in this cemetery, and is memorialized on a joint Beadling / Snedden stone. On the Snedden side of the stone is memorialized Our Mother (1819-1902) and Sister Mary (1859-1882). So Mother is Mary Snedden (nee Bonnar) and sister Mary is her daughter Mary Snedden. On the Beadling side of the stone is memorialised Husband Robert (1852-1930) His Wife Margaret (1856-1935). Margaret is Margaret Snedden, daughter of Mary Snedden (nee Bonnar) and sister to Mary.

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