Carnahan Tomb

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Mary Carnahan “Sacred to the memory of Mary consort of William Carnahan died Sep 20, 1854 aged 58

Sarah A. Carnahan, daughter of Col. A and N Carnahan May 7, 1825- Dec 1,1846

William Carnahan “To the Memory of William Carnahan” Mar 1, 188?

William Carnahan, son of Alex Carnahan Esq born Aug 27, 1822 died Mar 12, 1865

Col Alexander Carnahan Nov. 11, 1789-Jul 2 1879
Nancy Smith Carnahan, wife of Col A. Carnahan, May 3, 1793- Jan 18, 1849

Agnes E. Carnahan 1854-1915

Emma S. Carnahan 1865-1942
D.P. Carnahan 1860-1928

Anna M. Carnahan 1856-1910
Margaret M. (Bigham) Carnahan 1827-1887

J.B. Carnahan 1850-1924

Anna M McCormick, wife of W. B Carnahan 1856-1896 (see McCormick page)

These markers were listed on the inventory take in the 1970s
Daniel Carnahan died Jan 1, 1865 age 63 years
M S. Carnahan. 1865-1942

Joseph Carnahan son of William and Mary Carnahan
died July 19, 1832.
?? years 10 months
Mary Carnahan
died July 9, 1832(?) age 4 months.
Lie still sweet babies. lie still and rest. your heavenly father thought it best –linton wilkins PITT

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