Henry Tomb

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James Henry “In Memory of James Henry, Ruling Elder in St Clair Church” died 0ct 8, 18?? aged 79 years?
Margaret, wife of John Henry died Oct 9, 1846 in the 84 year of her age “(first line illegible) make no delay, for in a moment I was swept away”
Margaret (next to Moses Henry)
Mary Lizzie Henry, daughter of Moses M. and Margaret A. Henry, died July 31, 1854 age 10 months and 27 days “Our little daughter”

Moses M Henry 1831-1859

This stone is a replacement. It is in the family plot, but does not mark John’s final resting place.

John Henry’s original marker
John Henry died Apr 23, 1838 aged 88 years

Stones Not Found:
William James Henry ?

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