Kerr Tomb

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Jennie Kevin Kerr, wife of William Kerr
Elizabeth Reynolds Kerr, wife of Rev. Joseph Kerr of Ireland and Mother of William Kerr

Samuel Kerr died Aug 9, 1852 aged 86 years
Elizabeth {Stitt} Kerr, wife of Samuel Kerr died Apr 29, 1833 aged 60
Juliet Ann Kerr died Apr 16, 1844 aged 32 yr
Hon William Kerr died Mar 7, 1862 aged 86 years
Thomas Kerr died Oct 27, 1889 aged 84 yr
Sarah Kerr died Jul 9, 1903 aged 80 years

Elisabeth Kerr “In Memory of Elisabeth Kerr who departed this life Sep 11, 1862 aged 69 years

Joseph Kerr Dec 1, 1807-died Feb 10, 1866

Sarah Kerr departed this life Feb 4, 1861 aged 65 years

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