Martin Tomb

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Nancy McKnight Martin died Oct 6, 1890 in the 72 year of her age
James Martin Born in Scotland Jan 1 AD 1813-entered into rest 1890

Nancy Martin died Mar 27, 1873, age 65

Adaline Irwin Martin “The Wife of My Youth”

Little Addie (next to other Martin stones)

M. Ada Martin, daughter of J A and M J Martin died Jan 28, 1877 aged 1 year 22 days

Willie B. Martin, son of J A and M J Martin died Aug 12, 1875 aged 1 year
J. Frank Martin son of J A and M J Martin died Jan 27, 1874 aged 1 year 11 mo

Catherine Martin Mar 10, 1824-May 27, 1905

John A. Martin born Sep 20, 1824 died Jan 19, 1892 “I, In the Lord did put my trust”
Martha J. Martin born Sep 17, 1836 died Apr 28, 1910

Katherine Nixon Martin 1848-1929
Samuel Martin 1849-1913

John Martin died Aug 5, 1817 in the 70th year ?

Martin…. 16… 186?… in the ?? year of her age
Mary, wife of John Martin died March 16, 1866 in the 75 year of her age

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