Murray Tomb

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William Murray
Died October 23, 1870
In the 75th year of his age
Blessed are the dead that died in the Lord

Jane Murray
Died October 16, 1870
In the 77th year of her age

S. Eva Murray May 25, 1869-Oct 24, 1936
M. Cora Murray Nov 8, 1873-Nov 29, 1945
Sara Hultz Murray Jan 31, 1828-Feb 4, 1904
Henry H. Murray Aug 5, 1828-Nov 8, 1907
J. Frank Murray Aug 21, 1882-Oct 13, 1888

Mary Murray 1842-1919

John Murray born Jun 4, 1846 died Sep 30, 1885 – Our Father

Mary Ann Murray born May 8, 1872 died Jul 29, 1888 – Our Sister

Phillis Murray born Dec 3, 1836 died Apr 26, 1895 – Our Mother

Infant (rest is illegible, but the marker is next to J. Frank Murray)

Maria Louisa Murray, wife of James Murray

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