List D-F

DAVIES Sarah “In Loving Memory of Sarah, beloved wife of Daniel Davies” born Feb. 7, 1845, died June 1, 1882 “I bid thee now a long farewell; oh may I be forgiven, that children and parents yet shall meet to live with God in heaven”

DAVIS Louisa Davis born May 24, 1854-died Jan 21, 1930 – Wife
Albert S. Davis born. Jan 24, 1851-died Oct 16, 1914 – Husband

DEER Charles H. Deer – Our Son died Jan. 9, 1891

DOLITTLE Sarah {Cubbage}, wife of Jacob Dolittle, died Aug. 13, 1851 in the 38 year of her age

William W Donald 1835-1916 Spanish American War

DORRINGTON Jane Young – grandmother
Thomas, Sr.- grandfather
Thomas Dorrington, son of Thomas and Nancy Dorrington Dec 9, 1834-Jun 8, 1837

DOUGLAS Kenneth W. Douglas 1909-1990
Madeline W, Douglas 1914-19__

DOUGLASS Alexander Douglass 1828-1908
Elizabeth McConkey Douglass 1837-1901 – his wife
Margaret B. Douglass 1876-1924
Mary E. Douglass 1870-1941
Levina C. Douglass 1877-1919
Walter Nixon Douglass 1876-1957
Infant children of Wilson and Kate R. Douglass

DRENNEN John (next to Sophia Hunter, lower portion of stone hidden)

EDSON Eva McDonough Edson 1881-1911

ELLIOTT Mary, wife of Wm Elliott died Sep 23, 1893 in her 26 year.
Mary Margaret “Her babe Mary Margaret” died Mar 3, 1894 (same stone as Campbell)

ESPY William Espy died Jun 10, 1885 in his 75th year – Father
Mary Alexander, wife of William Espy, died Nov 26, 1875 in her 60th year – Mother

EVANS William E. Evans died Mar 12, 1897 aged 71 years “Rest in Peace”- Father
Mary A. Evans died May 26, 1899 aged 67 years “Rest in Peace” – Mother
Samuel G. Evans Mar 5, 1877-Apr 13, 1929

FERRIS John Henry Ferris 1903-1962

FLEET Mary B. Fleet 1859-1944 – Mother
Mable Kitterman, wife of Samuel 1899-1942
Washington Fleet May 16, 1803-May 4, 1869
Edward E. Fleet 1861-1919 – Father
Henry H. S. Fleet Nov 22, 1864-Apr 4, 1869
Elizabeth (no stone)

FOSBAUGH Lawrence H. Fosbaugh 1892-1979
Blanche Fosbaugh 1901-1974

FOSTER Robert S. Foster born Aug 20, 1819-died Sep 24, 1864 – “Gone Home”
Ross Foster born Dec 1, 1815-died Jan 18, 1851
Willie Foster 1855-1858
Addison Foster 1822-1969
Emma Foster 1863-1886
Isabel Foster 1834-1911
Jane Foster born Apr 3, 1813 died Oct 19, 1899 – Aunt Jane
Mary S. Foster born Feb 5, 1783-died Dec 17, 1854 “In Memory of Mary S. Foster”
? Foster born May 11, 18??
? Henry Foster, son of ? and M (?) Foster died July? 1881?

FOWLER George S. Fowler died May 20, 1885 aged 79 years – Father
Rachel Fowler died Jan 27, 1892 aged 77 years – Mother
Rachel B. Fowler daughter of G and S Fowler born Jan 13, 18?? died Jun 30, 1873?
Stevenson C. Fowler Dec 7, 1875-Aug 25, 1877

FRAZIER Margaret Jane Frazier 1898-1900 – same stone as Zuleika F. Glenn

FREW Charles Frew born Mar 14, 1774 died Mar 18, 1863 “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord(?) with the spirit (?) For their labors and their works do follow them.”
Sarah Carnahan Frew “Sacred to the memory of Sarah Frew consort of Charles Frew who departed this life Apr. 2, 1821 in the 45 year of her age.” “Since beauty then to time must bow, And age deform the fairest brow, Let brighter charms be yours, The mind that is adorned with truth, Shall bloom everlasting youth, When time no more endures.”
John Frew “Sacred to the memory of John Frew who departed this life Feb. 14, 1831 in the 31 year of his age.”
William Frew “Sacred to the memory of William Frew who departed this life Oct 27, 1820 in the 13 year of his age.”

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