List G-H

GAILEY Sarah Murray Gailey wife of Rev. Robert E. Gailey 1824-1904 (in Murray plot)

GIBSON Elizabeth Gibson died Jan. 5, 1895 in her 88 year-Mother
Nicholas Gibson died June 12, 1880 in his 83 year – Father
W.R. Gibson
Joseph Gibson 1834-19__(left blank) Private Co. H 62nd Pa. Vol.
Margaret Gibson, his wife, 1846-1908

GIFFIN Andrew Giffin born Sept 3/8?, 1803 age 87 years and 2 mos
Eliza, wife of Andrew Giffin died Oct. 2, 1876 Age 72 years and 6 mos

GLENN Jennie B. Daughter of William H. and Jane Agnes Glenn born Sep 11, 1853 died Mar 19, 1884
Walter Glenn 1777-1843
Howard Glenn
Wilbert J.-1853-1891
Zuleika F. 1852-1918
Nancy B.-born Oct 5, 1823-Died Aug. 9, 1895
William H.-born May 30, 1819-Died Dec. 4, 1884
Jane Agnes Glenn, wife of W.H. Glenn, born Mar 14, 1821-died May 29, 1858
Lavinia Glenn 1826-1828
Lucinda Glenn 1826-1832
James July 23, 1824-Aug. 23 1901; Entered US service Aug.22, 1862 as Captain Co. D 149 Vols; Mustered out of service as Liet. Col. of 149 PA Vols Aug. 22, 1865
Jane “In memory of Jane consort of ? Glenn departed this life June 28, A.D. ???? age 55 years”
William Glenn died Jan. 15, 1837
Margaret Herdman Glenn, wife of William Glenn, died June 10, 1835

Children of William and Margaret Glenn
John B.
Joseph K.
Joseph H. 1832-1834

Wm A. H. (William Alvin) Glenn born March 17, 1845 died Dec. 23, 1849 and
A.C.H. (Albert Clark Hearst) Glenn born May 10, 1847 died Aug. 23, 1848 Sons of Wm H. and J.A. Glenn “Such is the Kingdom of Heaven”
James Glenn (no stone)
Janet Buchanan Glenn 1752-1807 (no stone)

GOUGH “In Memory of Mary Gough”


GREEN Hannah Green born 1815-died 1890 Rest in Peace
William Green born 1816-died 1889 Rest in Peace

GRUNHART Anna M. Grunhart daughter of Anton and Mary Grunhart died Dec 1877 aged 9 years 1 mo and 4 da
Henry P. Grunhart son of Anton and Mary Grunhart died Nov 11, 1877 aged 11 years 1 mo and 17 das
Anton Grunhart June 1, 1817-July 26, 1888 “He has gone to mansions of rest.”

GUTBUB George Gutbub born Feb 18, 1860-died Feb 18, 1861
Annie Gutbub born Aug 18, 1864-died Nov 1, 1866
Matilda Gutbub born Feb 15, 1867-died Jul 10, 1879
Jacob Gutbub born May 21, 1828-died Feb 10, 1912 – Father
Catherine, wife of Jacob Gutbub born Feb 29, 1830-died Mar 24, 1896 Mother

HAIGH Joseph Haigh, Jr. “In Memory of Joseph Haigh, Jr. born 1815 died Nov 13, 1887 in the 72 year of his age”

HARNEY Viola Mae Harney 1886-1960 – Mother
Alice Harney 1916-1999

HARTIN? Henry, died Aug. 21, 1873 in the 41 years of his age “Blessed are the dead which ? died in the Lord”

HASLEY Norma Jean Hasley, daughter of Cap and Sara Hasley Aug 29, 1920-Feb 22, 1926

HAST Charles A. Hast 1865-1935
Jennie May Hast 1866-1925

HAUDENSCHIELD Eliza Fleet Haudenschield Nov 12, 1829-Nov 13, 1910 [in Fleet plot]

HEAP Louisa Heap died Sep 24, 1863 aged 79 years
Jonas Heap died Apr 9, 1862 aged 69 years

HEENEN Catherine Heenen died Dec 19, 1881 aged 54 years

HEMINGRAY William H. Hemingray born Feb 25, 1853-died Sep 14, 1877-Brother

HENRY James Henry “In Memory of James Henry, Ruling Elder in St Clair Church” died Oct 8, 18?? aged 79 years?
Moses M Henry 1831-1859
Margaret (next to Moses Henry)
Mary Lizzie Henry, daughter of Moses M. and Margaret A. Henry, died July 31, 1854 age 10 months and 27 days “Our little daughter”
William James Henry ?
John Henry died Apr 23, 1838 eged 88 years
Margaret, wife of John Henry died Oct 9, 1846 in the 84 year of her age “(first line illegible) make no delay, for in a moment I was swept away”
Sarah Glenn Henry 1788-1829 (no stone)
James Henry (no stone)
Sarah Snodgrass Henry died 1864 (no stone)

HERRON? Elizabeth Herron? “In Memory of Mis Elizabeth Herron who departed this life Jun 10, 1839 in the 39th year of her age” “Esteemed daughter this silent grave, Love and ?”

HOHN Gwendolyn Hohn 1859-1915 – Mother
Lewis L. Hohn 1853-1942 – Father

HOLTZ John Holtz died Oct 20, 1873

HORNER Rebecca Jane Horner, daughter of Amos and Catherine Horner died Nov. 18 (13?), 1877 age 7 years, 3 (8?) mos and 21 days (illegible inscription)

HOUSE Henry House (veteran, but unit is illegible) March 29, 1839-Feb. 7, 1916
Jane House born Jan, 1835
? House, son of George
George House died Jun 25, 1863 age 72 years 10 mos and 24 days
Anna Elizabeth House, wife of George House Mar ? age 76?

HUFNAGEL Robert A. Hufnagel 1931-1989
Elizabeth Brazell Hufnagel March 6, 1933- Nov. 25, 1920
Robert A Hufnagel 4/9/59-12/15/20

HUGHEY Elizabeth R. Hughey 1868-l910
H. Julian Hughey 1854-1935
Mary S. 1883-1966 – Mother

HULS/HOLTZ/HULTZ Henry died Aug. 1873? In the 41 year of his age (possible veteran)

HULTZ Albert Marshall, son of J & A Hultz, born Jan 3, 1863 died Mar 19, 1890
Ettie E. Hultz 1852-1933 (plot marker Long)
Robert S. Huls?
Richard Hultz died Aug 27, 1840 in 80th year of his age
Mary Calhoon Hultz, wife of James Hultz died Aug 10, 1864 aged 73 years 10 mos 15 days
Abigail Hultz “In Memory of Abigail Hultz, consort of Richard Hultz, who departed this life Nov 28, 1832 A.D. in the 75th year of her age” “I will ransom them from the power of the grave I will redeem them from death, O death will be thy plague”
James Hultz “In Memory of James Hultz who departed this life May 12, A.D. 1833 in the 47th year of his age “For if we belief that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him”
Col Hiram Hultz 1815-1865 – Father
Mathilda T. Hultz 1821 -1897 – Mother
S. Blanche Hultz 1868-1946 – Mother
William P. Hultz 1862-1938 -, Father
T. Harry Hultz Mar 22, 1860-Apr 24, 1928
Ella J. {Roach} Hultz Oct 14, 1868-Sep 8, 1945
Roy Marshall Hultz, son of W P and S B Hultz 1898-1901
Abigail Hultz, wife of James Hultz born Dec 13, 1834 died Dec 3, 1886
James S. Hultz born Nov 15, 1829 died Oct 9, 1900
“Until the Day Break” (on large marker sitting before:)
David C. Hultz died Jul 22, 1892/3, age 74
Mary R. Hultz born Aug 10, 1829 died Jan 8, 1899
Jeannie M. W. Hultz died Sep 8, 1890 aged 18 years
Ellen K. Hultz died May 28, 1894
Margaret died June 8, 1868 in the 65th year of her age; wife of Henry Hultz
Sarah Adamson Hultz died Oct 1855; wife of D.C. Hultz
Alfred Marks Hultz, son of Hiram and Matilda T. Hultz, Died Feb, 22, 1851 age 3 years, 7 mos and 6 das “Suffer the little children to come unto me (last line illegible)”
James Boyd Hultz, son of Hiiram and Matilda T. Hultz, died Aug. 28, 1847 (?) age 3 (or 8) years
Dr. M.M. Hultz Co H 62nd Reg. Pa Vol died Sept. 15, 1864 age 28
Mary Emma D. Hultz daughter of ? &? Hultz (dates illegible) age 15 months
Darling Harry (no dates, next to Mary and DC Hultz)

HUNTER Daniel Hunter died May 29, 1847 aged 76 years
Sophia Hunter, his wife (Daniel), died Oct 30, 1820 aged 40 years
Jane Hunter, his wife (Daniel), died Jan 10, 1880 aged 87 years
Victor L. Hunter 1895-1918 Husband
Margaret Jane Hunter, nee Milholland 1873-1934
David Hunter 1830-1920
Margaret E. Hunter Aug 12, 1825-Mar 11, 1903 “Until the Day Break And the Shadows Flee Away”

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