Ettie Hultz

Ettie Hultz (1852-1933) was the daughter of Henry and Margaret (McFarlane) Hultz. Descendants believe Henry was the son of Issac Webster Hultz and Jennie Jane McCully (and grandson of Henry Hultz Jr.. Margaret was the granddaughter of Andrew and Margaret McFarlane who sold some of their land to MLEPC for its first church.

Ettie’s parents married Christmas Day 1849. In the 1850 census for Upper St. Clair, Henry was listed as being a 26-year-old teacher; his wife was only 19 years old. Henry died January 20, 1852-the year his only child was born-from unknown causes. Four years later-November 27, 1856-Margaret married Robert Long (son of Robert and Rebecca Long). In the 1880s, the family (Margaret and Robert had two sons and two daughters) moved to Eldorado, Kansas. Margaret was buried there when she died on August 18, 1894, at age 63. The January 9, 1897, McDonald Outlook reports “Miss Etta Hultz of Eldorado, Kansas, is this week visiting Mr. Mac Couch, Mrs. Del Philips and other McDonald relatives.”

In the 1920 census for Wilkinsburg, Ettie is listed as living with her 81-year-old widowed Aunt Anna (Hultz) Philips, a sister of her father, Henry. So she must have returned to Pittsburgh after her mother and stepfather died.

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