The Williams Family

John Williams (born 1790) and Eve (Fletcher) Williams (born 1789) are the parents of Daniel Williams, (born 1819) who married Elizabeth (born 1829). John and Eve also had a son Isaac whose wife Hellon (Litten) Williams purchased plot No. 235 in St. Clair Cemetery in 1893 for $25.

The children of Daniel and Elizabeth Williams include Albert, who never married and John F., who married Altie Conner. Their son, Kenneth C. Williams, is buried here with his wife Betty M.

Descendants report the Williams family resided in Upper St. Clair Township. Although no tombstones have been found, the family thinks other Williams could be buried here-including Isaac Williams (b. 1818-1820) and his sister Rebecca (b. 1815); John (b. 1830), the youngest child of John and Eve; and his wife Nancy (b.1826). There are other memebrs of the Williams family buried in Uniondale Cemetery, in Pittsburgh’s North Side.

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