List M

MARTIN John Martin died Aug 5, 1847 in the 70th yearMary, wife of John Martin died March 16, 1866 in the 75 year of her ageM. Ada Martin, daughter of J A and M J Martin died Jan 28, 1877 aged 1 year 22 daysWillie B. Martin, son of J A and M J Martin died… Continue reading List M

List I-L

IRWIN (see also Martin) James Irwin died Aug 5, 1862 aged 87 yearsEliza Irwin died Dec 5, 1894 aged 90 yearsElvira R. Irwin Oct 8, 1837-Mar 29, 1915Mary A. Irwin died Oct 15, 1894Matthew P. Irwin, my Husband {Sarah}, died Jun 5, 1882 in the 53 year of ageLizzie Irwin, daughter of M P and S… Continue reading List I-L

List G-H

GAILEY Sarah Murray Gailey wife of Rev. Robert E. Gailey 1824-1904 (in Murray plot) GIBSON Elizabeth Gibson died Jan. 5, 1895 in her 88 year-MotherNicholas Gibson died June 12, 1880 in his 83 year – FatherW.R. GibsonJoseph Gibson 1834-19__(left blank) Private Co. H 62nd Pa. Vol.Margaret Gibson, his wife, 1846-1908 GIFFIN Andrew Giffin born Sept 3/8?, 1803 age… Continue reading List G-H

List D-F

DAVIES Sarah “In Loving Memory of Sarah, beloved wife of Daniel Davies” born Feb. 7, 1845, died June 1, 1882 “I bid thee now a long farewell; oh may I be forgiven, that children and parents yet shall meet to live with God in heaven” DAVIS Louisa Davis born May 24, 1854-died Jan 21, 1930 – WifeAlbert… Continue reading List D-F

List C

CAIRNCROSS Mary Cairncross “In Memory of Mary Cairncross died Nov 25, 1872 in the 50th year of her age” – “Those that sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him’Mary Cairncross “In Memory of ? Mary Cairncross died Dec 22, 1872 aged 14 years and 10 months” – “I sleep in Jesus” CALAHAN Dr John Calahan CAMPBELL Edward… Continue reading List C

List B

BACON Margaret N. 1895-1968 – WifeWalter T. Bacon 1905- BAILY Ann A. Baily Apr 10, 1835-Nov 10, 1871 BARR Margaret K. Barr 1856-1914 – Mother BEADLING Jane Beadling 1846-1908Daughter Mary A. Beadling 1876-1884Our Mother 1819-1902 (Isabella M.)Sister Mary 1859-1882Robert Beadling – husband – 1852-1930Ann Beadling Born Dec. 22, 1824, died Aug. 25, 1889Margaret, His Wife (Robert), 1856-1935 BECKER George C.… Continue reading List B

List A

UNKNOWN Spanish War Veteran 1888-1907 Cuba, Phillipine Islands, Puerto Rico,USA ABBOTT Carl Abbott 1823-1911 – FatherMagdelena Abbott 1830-1910 – MotherCarolina Abbott Aug. 11, 1858-Sept. 15, 1865Charles F. Abbott 1869-1882Henry H. Abbott 1853-1882Wm.Abbott, Pvt. COD – Apr 19, 1889-Apr.23, 1950Catherine Abbott (dates illegible)Lawrence Boyd Abbott (no headstone) ABNER Jackson Aber died Oct 20, 1871 in his 49 year… Continue reading List A